Paula Damasceno is an African Brazilian American visual artist born in Rio de Janeiro City in 1975 and based in Greensboro, North Carolina since 2012.


In her artwork, Paula uses historical, alternative, and contemporary photographic processes as mediums through which she can articulate individual subjectivities and collective histories and cultures. Collapsing techniques and materials, she also collapses ideas and perceptions to create art that invites wonder and critical thinking. 


Paula started her artistic education early on spending her childhood between ballet classes, school, and her parent's and grandparents' objects, vinyl records, art history slides, and political activities. In her adulthood, she became an actress, and later a documentary video maker and art instructor.


From 2001 to 2012,  Paula worked in Brazil, Germany, France, Vietnam, Mexico, and United States, as a director, project designer, grant writer, researcher, producer, videographer, video editor, and instructor. Works that she has participated in and made have been shown at the MoMa, the Weatherspoon Art Museum, NC,  the Docstown International Documentary Film Festival, in Mexico, and at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles. Her independent work has been granted awards by the North Carolina Humanities Council,  the Culture Secretary of the State of Bahia, and by the Cultural Foundation of Bahia State. She has participated in two artistic residencies in 2012 at Elsewhere Living Museum, NC, and in 2010 at La Casa del Tunel, in Tijuana BC, Mexico. 


In 2018 she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography and a minor in Media Studies from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. In 2022 she earned a  Master of Science in Library and Information Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a concentration on curating and displaying Brazilian artist books from academic collections. During this same year, Paula was selected to participate in the prestigious Artistic Residency at Light Work.


She is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at The School of the Institute of Art and Design of Chicago from which she was awarded a full merti-based scholarship.


Her latest work Offerings was granted a 2020 Hariban Juro’s Choice Award chosen by Lucy Gallun, the 2019 SPE Student Innovation Award, and the First Place Award at the 2018 Light Factory Throwdown Portfolio. Paula has exhibited at the Greensboro Project Space Greensboro, the Weatherspoon Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Southeastern Center for Photography. 

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